Whose ready for BAR Con: Episode 8 next month?  Hopefully you plan to attend because they have just unveiled details about what to expect at their next event.

BAR Con: Episode 8 will feature screenings of Dragon Ball Z Kai and Claymore while gamers could enjoy Double Dragon II: the Revenge. The $5 drink specials will include Health Potion, Mana Potion, and Elixir.

The musical performance of the night will be Dokoe and Phoenix Ash. Dokoe is a local post-math rock band and Phoenix Ash is the only American band that is signed on with Plug Records label in Japan.

BAR Con is a monthly event that combines ones love of anime, video games and J-Rock into a one night festivity. The event is held at the Back Bar SoFa in Downtown San Jose while tickets could be purchased online or at the door.

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