Day of Infamy has been growing strong since its official launch back in March and now the team at New World Interactive have made the Aussie Update available.

The Aussie Update was made available on May 18 and it makes several major improvements to the Commonwealth faction. The most notable are adding the Australian units and the Black Watch regiment for the Commonwealth faction along with several new weapons. Other add-on’s include the 761st “Black Panthers” Tank Battalion for the American faction and the German 272nd Volks-Grenadier Division for the Nazi faction.

The new update also fixes several problems with the ranking system which now include four additional Officer ranks and allowing players to restart their progression after accumulating 1 million points.


Day of Infamy is an online World War II shooter that is set during the European Theater of the war. Players play as either American, British or Nazi forces to either liberate the map or hold it against the opposing forces.

To learn more about Day of Infamy, you can check out our review of the full game here.

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