Once a dominating aspect of the shooter genre, today it’s rare for a title to take players to the battlefields of Europe. Despite the limited amount of titles that allow players to fight the Third Reich, the few do not disappoint. One such title is a unique multiplayer experience from the masterminds behind Insurgency.

Day of Infamy is an online World War II shooter that is set during the European Theater of the war. Players join the armies of either America, Britain or Nazi Germany to either liberate the map or hold it against the opposing forces until time runs out.

Since the game is built using the Source engine, right away many will feel like they are playing Day of Defeat. Yet in all fairness, the gameplay was heavily influenced by Insurgency while each map is surprisingly large while presenting its own challenges. The best way to sum it up, think of it as Day of Defeat being played on Battlefield 1942 maps but with more details to the environment.

Players pick from seven classes along with a choice between several weapons (some being unique to that one class). Gamers also have the option to customize their weapon with an extended magazine or a scope. Each map has been uniquely designed so that it may appeal to both those who prefer close-quarters combat and snipping at the same time. Part of the map will be a snipers delight while the other part will be perfect for those who want to get up close and personal.

Day of Infamy also allows players practice their skills or learn about a map by battling bots in a single player match. Even on an easy difficulty, the bots a formidable opponent that did offer a real challenge. While not as fun when playing with other gamers but playing with the bots will prepare new players.

Even though each level offers its own challenges and is unique in its own right, the Omaha Beach map stood out as the best. Based on the Battle of Omaha Beach during D-Day, American troops are tasked with capturing the bunkers while the Nazi’s need to defend them. Even though many World War II shooters have their own D-Day map, none of them could come close to the one featured in Day of Infamy (not even Battlefield 1942).

Players here are forced to navigate a series of mazes while trying to capture each checkpoint. Besides the size of the map, this is one of the few D-Day maps were getting off the beach is the biggest challenge as Nazi machine gunners and snipers will tear American troops apart. If you’re lucky to get off the beach, enemy flamethrowers are the last real obstacle left to overcome before you take the bunkers.

Day of Infamy is without a doubt one of the best multiplayer World War II shooters ever made in resent memory. Very few titles can compare to what New World Interactive has been able to accomplish while reuniting players with their love killing Nazi’s.

I just hope New World Interactive begins to introduce maps based on the Pacific Theater sometime in the future.

Final Score: 10/10

Disclaimer: Evolve PR provided the game that was used for this preview.

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  1. Got the game when it was still an early access and I have been on it ever since. I have put over 100 hours into Day of Infamy and it gets better with each update. The 10/10 is accurate AF!

  2. They need to make more WWII games like Day of Infamy since too many shooter are set in space or the modern era plus I love killing Nazis so that is an added bonus for me. I have enjoyed this game so far and I love to play lan with a few friends.

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