Ubisoft gave gamers a sample of what to expect in Far Cry 5 with a few teaser trailers while the official unveiling will be on May 26. These sample trailer only gave minor hints about the plot while confirming that the game will be set in the United States.

So the staff here at 8Bit/Digi decided to come up with a few theories as to what the plot of Far Cry 5 will be about.

Theory 1: Hope County is controlled by a cult and the player is trying to escape but also needs to help rescue his or her family. Most of this theory is based on the religious imagery featured in the trailer along with moments were some looks like they are trying escape.

Theory 2: This is more like Theory 1 only the player is either a private eye or cult deprogrammer hired rescue someone who is being held in Hope County.

Theory 3: The player is an average person who gets caught up in war between two criminal groups (most likely between factions of the Dixie Mafia or a group of smugglers) for control of the county. This is based on how the teaser trailers had many traits associated with crime films while also there were a few nods to the show Justified.

Theory 4: The player is an African American who stumbles into Hope, which turns out to be a White Supremacists community. Given that Far Cry 4 was inspired by the Nepalese Civil War, current rise of White Supremacists along with films like Welcome to Leith and Get Out could be a major influence.

What do you think Far Cry 5 will be about and what influenced the games story? Share your thoughts or theories in the comment section below. 

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  1. I swear if Far Cry 5 is about white supremists I’m so not getting it and will boycott all future Ubisoft games. Stop making shit poltical, Can’t play a game anymore with hearing SJW’s cry about how its offensive to black trannys. Trump won get over it snowflake!

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