In preparation for their upcoming event, AOD Con has published its rules and guidelines that attendees must abide by during the weekend. The staff wants everyone to have fun this weekend but safety is also a major concern, so it’s important to brush up on their policy.

Below are a quick recap of some of the policies for AOD Con 2017 while a complete guide is available here:


This one should go without saying but harassment will not be tolerated during the weekend. No one is allowed to touch another person or follow them without their consent. Security and staff also reserve the right to determine if any other actions constitute as harassment. The staff advise anyone who is being harassed or feels uncomfortable for any reason to contact them immediately.

Policy regarding signs

All signs must be approved before being carried or displayed during the convention. Signs offering or soliciting any sort of service or are offensive will not be allowed. Those seeking for their sign to be approved must see the Convention Operations located in Prospector Room A of the hotel. All rulings are final and unapproved signs must be stored away or will be subject to confiscation.


Autographs Policy

AOD does not guarantee that everyone will get an autograph while guests reserve the right to decline any autograph request. Attendees may have one item signed by one guest at a time and no bootleg items are allowed for signing.

Attendees should avoid lengthy conversations with guests to keep the lines moving while being considerate of others who wish to get autographs too. Anyone exhibiting rude behavior will be asked to leave the line and not admitted back. These policies are subject to change at any time during the convention, as determined by Guest Relations staff.

Weapons Policy

No functional and or concealed weapons of any type are allowed on convention floor. Any prop weapon must be inspected and approved by the Prop Check at the FLARE Office in Room 1609. Only obvious prop, toy, and replicas will be approved along with non-sharpened or wooden swords if bound into their scabbards. Approved props may not be brandished or used threateningly, even if only acting.

Photography Policy

Photos and videos by attendees are allowed in all common areas of the convention but each event may have its own specific rules. Attendees will be notified of the no photo policy when the event begins. Guest must ask permission before photographing or filming others and must respect their wishes.


Dress Code

All attendees are welcome to wear costumes but all outfits must be “decent” and guest should consider that there will be children present. Costumes with large pieces (such as wings) may not be worn in the halls as they create a fire hazard. If the convention staff finds your costume in violation of the rules or inappropriate, you will be asked to change. AOD Staff have the final decision in all judgment calls.

Event Capacity

AOD has a maximum capacity to ensure everyone’s safety and additional attendees will not be allowed to enter if an event reaches maximum capacity. Events are seated on a first come / first serve basis while having a badge does not guarantee attendance. AOD will be using a wristband policy for the Aivi/Surrashu concert, Masquerade, Lotus Juice concert.

AOD 2017 is an anime and video game convention that will take place from March 18 until Mach 19 at the Santa Clara Marriott. Tickets are now available for purchase and 8Bit/Digi will be present at the event.


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