Anime Expo 2018 was not just about understanding whats new in anime and manga but also a chance to play some upcoming titles. During the weekend, I got to try some amazing games that are set to launch or are coming soon.

These are some of the games I got to check out during Anime Expo:

Jump Force: When this game was first announced at E3 2018, it looked as if Bandi Namco was trying to one-up Super Smash Bros. Nintendo will always have its gallery of characters but Jump Force looks to be the alternative for anyone who has asked “can Goku beat Naruto Uzumaki“. During the demo, I build a team made up of Goku, Freza and Monkey D. Luffy going against the other three characters in an intense battle. The action was fast paced but also well balanced so players know what they are doing.

Kingdom Hearts III: It should not come as a surprise that one of the most anticipated titles would be the most popular one during Anime Expo. The demo that was presented had players explore the world of Olympus (from Hercules) and Toy Box (from Toy Story) while having the chance to use some of the new gameplay mechanics. While only a demo, I would say the long wait has been worth it if this is what gamers could expect at launch.

Code Vein: Was one of the most popular games at Bandai Namco booth as the line had to close several times during the day. In the demo, players had to battle a boss named the Invading Executioner. Given how difficult the game is and its popularity, everyone had a time limit to beat the boss. Sadly I was unable to beat the boss before my time ran out.

My Hero One’s Justice: Based on the popular series (since there was a ton of My Hero Academia cosplayers). Two players were paired up and got to battle each other as their favorite character from the series. I felt the camera angle was most unorthodox for a fighting game but it also makes sense given the kind of experience they are trying to create. Winners of each match got to participate in a competition against the Bandai Namco staff (I was not one of those winners).

Fate/Grand Order VR: This was a very unusual experience as it felt more like a demonstration of what the development team has created. It’s unclear if this will be a point and click adventure or if more elements will be added later on. To its credit, they have build an outstanding VR world that makes players feel like they are in an anime. Since this was a demo on PlayStation VR, I could imagine how much superb Fate/Grand Order VR would be on Oculus.

Did you get a chance to check out Anime Expo 2018? If so then share your story in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Anime Expo provided me a pass for the weekend.

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  1. I played Fate Grand VR and it was just over glorified fan service. All you do is watch some anime chick work out in sexy cloths.

    Dumb AF

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