Every Level Up Entertainment GDC Mixers Have Sold Out


It’s no secret that Level Up Entertainment is hosting four of the most popular mixers during the Game Developers Conference. Those who were still thinking of attending one are now shit out of luck as tickets have sold out.

As reported in several articles; Level Up will host the GDC XPerience Mixer + After Party  at Love And Propaganda on March 20th, GDC XPerience After Party at Hawthorn and the GDC XPerience Networking Mixer at the Hotel VIA on March 21st. Finally there is the GDC XPerience Mixer + After Party at Temple Nightclub on March 22nd. As of March 17th, all four events have now sold out.

Those who missed out should not feel gloom as Level Up Entertainment is not the only one hosting GDC mixers during the week. GameVibes has posted their list of GDC events they are hosting and Viz Media is also hosting an event as well. Chances are, every barcade in San Francisco will be doing something special for GDC.

The Game Developers Conference is one of the largest gatherings of professionals from the gaming industry and the 2018 event will take place between March 19 until March 23rd at the Moscone Convention Center. Level Up Entertainment is a major organizer of video game events and launch parties in the Bay Area.


Author: Stan Rezaee

Stan Rezaee is the founder and Editor of 8Bit/Digi. He is a journalist and gamer from the Bay Area who has been writing about the medium for over five years.

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