Robot Gentleman has announced a release date for their upcoming sci-fi themed narrative title, 60 Parsecs!.

It has been confirmed 60 Parsecs! that will be launched on September 18 for the PC. At the moment, the game will be sold for $14.99 USD / €14,99 on Steam. There is no word if it will be sold on other digital stores or if there will be a console port.

60 Parsecs! is a narrative driven survival experience that has players manage a space voyage while trying to keep the crew alive. The title features rogue elements while also having a great sense of humor with the artwork and dialogue.

Stan got the chance to try out 60 Parsecs! during the Game Developers Conference 2018 and he liked it a lot. This is definitely game to look out for and check out our GDC coverage for other awesome games.

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