The first episode of Hitman was released on March 11 and based on the experience of other gamers, it’s better to wait for the completed game.

Hitman has been praised for returning the series to its roots as a stealth action game along with the amount of detail that’s being put into the environment (just like Fallout: New Vegas and Grand Theft Auto V). However the introduction has been seen as being too short (about 15mins long) which is not enough playtime to properly represent what the game is suppose to be.

Also from a personal perspective, there are reasons to be hesitant in getting the new Hitman while the details and opinions presented have not been that convincing. Mostly it has to do with Hitman: Absolution.

So far a concern to have is that the overall experience of the game would be more like Hitman: Absolution and less like Hitman: Blood Money. Blood Money perfected what is suppose to be a Hitman game while Absolution felt more like a pathetic attempt to pander to casual gamers and the Call of Duty demographic by dumbing down the overall experience.

Blood Money had players study their environment, select their weapons with the appropriate modifications and bring the needed equipment. Players then had to use the limited open world to their advantage by either directly taking out the target or setting up traps.

Absolution only felt like a Hitman game during some moments but for the majority of the time it was a linear action title. While stealth was encouraged, it was still too easy of game that required no real thinking compared to its predecessors.

It should also be noted that Blood Money had a superior story that followed Agent 47 who needs to work solo in America after the Agency comes under attack by a rival group. Absolution just recycled the story of Blood Money while ignoring the events of the previous games.

While most sources have said that Hitman is nothing like Absolution but that can’t truly be determined with a short sample.

Based on the opinion of a few people whose opinion is highly valued, its best to wait until a completed version of the game is released. While waiting until January 2017 may be a long wait, there are plenty of games available to pass the time.

Or for those who don’t understand why many old school gamers did not really enjoy Absolution, go play Blood Money or Contracts just to understand what a real Hitman game is suppose to feel like. They are available on Steam and are being sold for under $10.

Hitman looks like an interesting title that will return the series to its roots but for now it’s best to wait and see what the completed game will look like.

Will you get or have you played the Hitman prologue? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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