Walter E. Jones will be a Guest at Stockton Con 2017


If you enjoyed the Power Rangers movie as much as I did or was a fan of the show back in the day, then you will be excited to learn that Walter E. Jones will be a guest at Stockton Con 2017.

Fans will recognize Walter E. Jones for his role in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as Zack Taylor, the first Black Ranger from 1993 until he was replaced by Johnny Yong Bosch. Jones is also well known for his role as Harlan Band on Space Cases along with Michael Hammon on Malibu Shores while returning to Power Rangers franchise in 1999 as the Nightmare Monster.

Jones is the second guest to be announced and will be joined by comic artist Katie Cook. More guests and news will be announced in the months leading up to Stockton Con 2017.

Stockton Con 2017 is a fan convention that will take place at the Stockton Arena from August 19 until the 20th. Tickets are on sale online now or at selected retailers.

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  1. Member Berries // March 31, 2017 at 10:56 AM // Reply

    Member Power Rangers?
    Member the Blue Ranger?
    Member the Red Ranger?
    Member Stormtroopers?

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