Fallout 4 along with Doom VFR are among the most highly anticipated VR titles coming soon and they were available for the industry to experience (thanks to the HTC Vive) during the Virtual Reality Developers Conference.

Being a gamer, it was my obligation to play both Fallout 4 and Doom VFR when presented the opportunity. This is my reflection on playing two hit games in VR and sharing my thoughts on the experience.

Note: This is not a review or a critique of the overall game my thoughts on experiencing the demo. Also the screenshots are from the PlayStation 4 version of Doom and Fallout 4. 


Fallout 4 VR

The demo starts the players at the Red Rocket truck stop outside of Concord with Dog Meat by your side. You have the basic weapons of a bat, 10mm Pistol, Sawed-off Shotgun and the AER9 Laser Rifle. I should also note that the infinite ammo cheat has been set to allow players to better explore the virtual world of the Commonwealth Wasteland.

The action begins with a wave of feral ghouls charging at the player followed by an attack by a few raiders. After surviving the attack, I make my way to Concord were I find the T-45 Power Armor waiting in the middle of the road. This was perfect as the moment I made to the center of town, the Death Claw appears. When the Death Claw along with the raiders, I enter the Museum of Freedom and meet up with Preston Garvey.

I will admit I was expecting some of the gameplay mechanics to have been toned down to accommodate the VR but instead it played just like the standard Fallout 4 only in a more immersive environment. Locomotion functioned smoothly and that nauseating feeling that comes with most VR experiences was almost non-existent. The only glitches that were encountered are the basic ones that are in most VR games and projects.


Doom VFR

The demo has players take on the role of UAC Director Samuel Hayden who must activate power to the his section of the facility. The game begins with Hayden looking for a combat efficient android body along with some weapons. When this is accomplished, all hell breaks loose as demons begin to attack. Once the room is cleared, players enter Hell and must take the fight to Satan’s home turf.

Doom VFR is basically a non-stop gore feast that is in your face. The action is fast paced (blood and guts everywhere) but the locomotion will not make you nauseous. The movement was divided between free movement and teleport depending on the moment and the players preference. However the only issue I had was that the controls were a little difficult to learn at first, but I’m a fast learner.


Final Thought

When I was at GDC 2017 back in late February / early March, VR was the talk of the convention but the games were mostly limited to experimental titles, indie adventures and shovelware. Seven months later and I’m playing Doom along with Fallout 4 in VR – that is major progress.

Fallout 4 and Doom VFR are basically what gamers have wanted from the VR boom, an actually immersive experience. Capcom may have set the foundation for AAA VR titles to follow with Resident Evil 7 but Bethesda has now raised the bar for others to aim for in the future.

This special report is part of 8Bit/Digi‘s coverage of Virtual Reality Developers Conference. If you attended the event or played Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: VRDC provided 8Bit/Digi with press passes for the weekend.

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  1. Fallout 4 was awesome but VR looks even more awesome, hope it comes out soon for PSVR and not just limited to the PC. I might also pick up Doom VR since it looks also awesome.

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