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Following several rumors and a leak, Ubisoft announces that Far Cry 6 is in the works with a 2021 launch window.

Ubisoft announces that Far Cry 6 is in the works and is set to launch on February 18. The game is set on the island of Yara during a revolution. Players take on the role of Dani Rojas as they embark on a battle to topple the regime of Anton Costillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito).

Check out the announcement trailer to have an idea of what to expect:

The game is set to return the series to its tropical setting while also more focused on a guerilla war. Like with Far Cry 4, the game will take inspiration from real world events The island is based on Cuba while the conflict is taking inspiration from the revolutions and civil wars of Latin America during the Cold War (circa 1980’s).

It is unclear if the game will have any connection to past titles (like the inclusion of Hurk and Agent Huntley). More information will become available in the coming months.

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