In what has to be the most geeky request ever made, a petition on is asking Marc Benioff to turn the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco into the Eye of Sauron on Halloween night.

Having opened in this year, the Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in San Francisco and has an LED light display on the top of it. Hence it was only a matter of time before a request was made to transform the top into the Eye of Sauron. Started by Red Rainey and directed at CEO Marc Benioff, the petition asks to turn the tower into the iconic villain on Halloween night.

The petition started on October 4th and its message is simple,

San Francisco = Mordor
Salesforce Tower = Eye Of Sauron
Run, you fools!

A Facebook event has also been setup to promote the petition and it has already garnered over 700 interested fans. They also have posted a more in-depth message for all Lord of the Rings fans,

The 11,000 LED display atop Salesforce Tower is the perfect canvas. We have the technology, it’s meant to be. No ill-will meant toward Salesforce, we just think it would look cool.

Since the petition has just started, it has gained some signatures along with a strong following on Facebook. Hopefully the team at Salesforce learn of the idea and make it into a reality.

UPDATE #1: As of 10/5/18, the petition has garnered over 2,600 signatures. However nobody at Salesforce has yet responded to the request.

UPDATE #2: As of 10/14/18, the petition has garnered over 8,000 signatures also CEO Marc Benioff has responded by stating the Boston Property  is responsible for the artwork on the top of the Salesforce Tower. 


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