XSEED Games has announced the launch dates for the upcoming action RPG, Touhou: New World. This includes the console and PC version of the game.

Touhou: New World is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch and PC on July 13th followed by a September 12th launch for the PlayStation consoles. The game will be available to purchase on all platforms digitally upon release. To have an idea about the game, check out the announcement trailer: 

Gamers will also have the choice between the standard version and the Digital Deluxe Edition. The Digital Deluxe Edition will include the base game along with a digital artbook and the soundtrack. Steam users can also purchase these separately. 

Touhou: New World returns players to the world of Gensokyo, a place where humans and the youkai live. When the mystical barrier protecting the world is breached it’s up Reimu and Marisa to restore the peace.

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