With so many multiplayer-only titles for the Next-Gen consoles that offer so little, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is blessing for gamers who only want to play an online shooter that returns to the series roots with the spirit of Counter-Strike.

It has been a long time since gamers took on the role of the elite counter-terrorism unit and tasked with stopping terrorists from causing a major catastrophe. It’s also been a two years since the great Tom Clancy passed away while leaving the legacy of his gaming media in question.

Rainbow Six: Siege will once again have players work together to fight terrorism while demonstrating that the legacy of Tom Clancy will continue through the many video game series that he established.

In a genre that has been dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield, hardcore gamers will be thrilled for an online shooter that has difficulty along with the challenges of ArmA III for the consoles.

Yet, some gamers may still be disappointed that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots was canceled in favor of a multiplayer-only game. The game had a very controversial story that only Tom Clancy could have created that pitted gamers against a domestic terrorist group.

Looking back now; Ubisoft made the right decision to cancel Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots given that the Occupy Movement is now dead while many now associate anti-government militias with white supremacist hate groups. Not helping was David S. Goyer having brilliantly used the same themes of class warfare while featuring a false hero of the 99 percent villain in The Dark Knight Rises and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

At the same time, it’s been an even longer time since gamers experienced a real Rainbow Six experience in which strategy and teamwork came before mindless gunplay. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay is a return to the series roots, which was the foundation for the establishment of the tactical-shooter genre.

Those whose first experience with the series was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas are going to have a rude awaking. This is not some Call of Duty wannabe game where it’s a free-for-all match. Players will have to once again work as a team to complete their objective or to stand their ground (depending on your team).

Players will be quick to notice many of the familiar features seen in multiplayer shooters such as weapon and character customization along with progression system.The gameplay is divided between the traditional player vs. player (PvP) and a special co-op game called Terrorist Hunt.

Unique to the PvP experience is the Siege Gameplay, an attempt to simulate the counter-terrorism experience by allowing players to alter the destructible environment to create a tactical advantage. Terrorist Hunt pits players against bots as they try to complete a series of objectives during the match.

By combining the elements of a traditional multiplayer game along with the context of what made the Rainbow Six series an icon and with the addition of a unique gameplay setup have resulted in one of the best online shooters since Counter-Strike.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege not only offers an amazing experience that will rival Counter-Strike but it just demonstrates that the legacy of the great Tom Clancy will live on through the gaming world.

Disclaimer: The game used for this review was played at a friends house for 5 hours. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege (PS4)





  • Solid action
  • Teamwork is a must to win
  • Great levels


  • Match making issues
  • Can get grindy at times.

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