Over the weekend, I had the chance to check out the open beta for Battlefield 1, the latest entry into the iconic military shooter. This is not an official review of the actual game but my thoughts of the overall experiences with the beta version.

Also I will note that this being the beta version, glitches were somewhat a problem at times but this is not what the actual game will be as it’s still in development. Hence this reflection will not focus on the bugs and glitches as they will be fixed when the actual game is released.


Just to recap; Battlefield 1 is the 14th game in the iconic series and the first to be set during the Great War (aka World War I). In the beta; players participate in battles based on the Sinai Campaign, which was fought between the British Empire against the Ottoman Empire.

The two game styles featured in the beta were Conquest and Rush. Conquest is the traditional Battlefield map which has large armies battling to take control of key points before the countdown hits zero. Rush is the same concept on a much smaller scale while focusing more on close quarters combat.

If you have played any Battlefield game then you know exactly what to expect from the gameplay.


While I did play both game styles, I preferred piloting the Bristol F2.B and providing cover fire for the ground forces. When not supporting the ground troops, I would always try to take out the enemy bombers. Of course no WWI battle is ever complete without a good old fashion dog fights.

Despite the fun I had, I will admit that I was disappointed due to the lack of actual trench warfare in the beta. While the action was great, it’s just not a World War I experience without trench warfare. I guess I’ll have to wait until the game is actually released to experiences the Western Front.

Overall; Battlefield 1 took a bold gamble by taking the series to a conflict that has been rarely portrayed in video games. With every type of military game having been saturated, its feels fresh going back to the birth of modern warfare.

Disclaimer: I downloaded the beta like everyone else.




  1. The games fantastic. Really gives me a bad company feel. There’s a couple bugs with spawning in a vehicle and trying to get out and the character gets back in. Sometimes at the end of a match when you try to leave, it puts me at the respawn screen and there’s nothing I can do other than shut the game down.

  2. EA please don’t fuck this up. Show some respect for the troops and make this game right. No DLC bullshit or half game scam do it right.

  3. The game is downright beautiful. Ive been enjoying the hud changes alot really adds to the experience. The other thing i notice was the sound effects were perfected adds a great feel to the game. All and all another battlefield masterpiece drawing a line in the sand to all other first person shooters making them have to seriously step there game up. Great job

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