8Bit/Digi presents The Live Review, a review of a game while live streaming it. For our second Live Review, Stan looks at Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness for the PlayStation 4.

Players take on the role of Wendell Redler (a Hope County resident) during his time in Vietnam. His helicopter is shot-down over enemy lines and the squad has been captured, the mission is to rescue them while trying to meet up with the rescue team.

Similar to what Blood Dragon did, Hours of Darkness surpasses the main game is so many ways. As a game set during the Vietnam War, this is one of the best since Vietcong as the gameplay and world are ideal to recreate the conflict. The game borrows almost all the gameplay from the main title but tweaks so that it’s appropriate for the experiences it’s trying to create.

Final Score: 9/10

Disclaimer: I bought Far Cry 5 and the Season Pass.

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