Looks like The Culling is progressing strong as Xaviant announced that the game has moved from the Alpha stage to the Beta stage and new content has been added.

“The Big House” update cleans up most of the bugs and performance issues of the Alpha version while paving way for the games full release. Xbox gamers will also be happy to know that  The Culling will be coming to Xbox One Preview Program some time in early 2017. However no official release date has been given but one could anticipate a late 2017 or early 2018 launch.

Among the new features are a new map, several new weapons along with several new gameplay features and modes. The most notable addition is the Big House map, which allows players to battle it out in a prison.

The Culling is still in Early Access on Steam but if you love good multiplayer arena battles then pick it up ASAP. Think of this game as The Hunger Games only with all the blood and violence as seen in Battle Royal.

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