Gamers who are excited for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will be happy to know that CI Games has made available the registration for the Open Beta.

The registration began on January 17 while the Open Beta will be available on the weekend of February 3. The Open Beta will only be available for the PC via Steam and will give gamers experience two single player missions.

The firs mission is “Cut Off” and will have players infiltrate an antenna array and manually re-position the dishes to intercept a satellite signal. The second mission is “Blockout” and it will have players working with the to take out a brutal warlord.

At the moment there is no word if an Open Beta will be available for the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in the future. CI Games will unveil more details about Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 in the months to come.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is the third game and it will have players take the role of Jonathan North who is on a personal mission to find his brother. The game is set to be released in April 2017 for all major consoles along with the PC.


  1. This is the moment, when i feel surprised. I didnt expect such move from CI Games. Its easy to predict – im happy, cuz i want to test this game and now it will be a good reason to end all other games:)

  2. Well well. Now i’ll expect that that every developer will run open beta for most of the games. I hope to see such a scenario become reality. What goes to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – im signed and waiting for february.

  3. Such news makes me belive, that gamedev can change. There is not so many demos aviabale and in short time we’ve got few on a horizon. I hope, that this will be plesant beta.

    • There’s some change in our little world. Developer know, that giving some little piece of game will make people more curious about full option. I think, that this is good way and they should start once again release demos.

      • Also beta gives developer feedback in two ways: logs from user’s computer and hov many people is interested in this title. I think, that this can be a good pointer for financial resutls. Under one cndition: game will be good.

        • If this game would be bad, then noe one would ever tell anthing postiove about it. if i remember journalists on events were surprised how good this game is. So i don’t fear when it goes to quality.

  4. Some good moves i see in singleplayer games. Such beta is always a good idea. Developer jad info, about people interested in this work and also will gain feedback form players, that become testers.

  5. Players have different hardware and can deliver many value informations about configartions that are lower than minal recommendations. And also those player will be the real beta testers:)

  6. In open world games is importent to see if game allows to make somethings different way than was planed. SGW3 allows to make mission from any angle, so i think, that this will be quite good shooter.

  7. How many of us can tell, that this is what is gonna be eralier. Many betas. Now i can see how betas grown. I hope that CI games shows other, that this is something worth of spedning some dev-hours and prepare good beta for players.

  8. I never thought, that such beta will make me playing whole day trying to dicover as many as i can ways to target. It was good and i hope to see game soon…well, in april.

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