2016 may have been a shitty year for humanity and playing these games didn’t help. It’s a year that would be defined by titles being over hyped or failing to live up to our expectations. We are only looking at 5 titles because life is too short to be wasted on bad game.

As the year comes to an end, its time to look back at the 5 worst games of 2016.

5. ArmA: Mobile Ops


Armed Assault is a franchise well known for being the game that hardcore military buffs play. This real time strategy instead dumbs down the experience just to appease the casual plebs. ARMA: Mobile Ops is less of a non-cameo entry and more of a bad experiment that sadly got the ARMA brand slapped on it at the last minute.

4. Bombshell

This title was originally developed as a Duke Nukem adventure before a lawsuit forced 3D Relmes to alter the project. The result is Bombshell, a lazy Duke Nukem rip-off with a one-dimensional heroin trying to be badass and a series of generic levels that feel out of place for the genre.

3. Umbrella Corps


This was another failed attempt to create a multiplayer experience based on the Resident Evil series.The only difference was that nobody working on this seemed to actually give a shit while Capcom needs to seriously stop trying to make multiplayer Resident Evil happen, it’s never going to happen.

2. Mighty No. 9

Its promoted as the highly anticipated successor to Mega Man but instead became one of the most disappointing titles of 2016. A combination of poor gameplay, bad controls and a series of glitches made this title unenjoyable. In the end, it was the fans who were crying like an anime fan on prom night.

1. No Man’s Sky


Sean Murry promoted his masterpiece as one of the most unique gaming experience of all time with the promise of exploring a vast galaxy. It instead became the video game equivalent of watching paint dry.

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