Iconic works of pop-culture will always be open to debate among fans for various reasons. Be it the overall theme (like criticism of neo-liberal economics in The Purge) or who played an iconic character better (like Mark Hamill’s performance as the Joker compared to Heath Ledger). Many great works are so rich in history and themes that fans could spend days debating its meaning or significance among each other.

Then there are debates that are really pointless and will often times make a community look bad. From being unnecessary to being rooted in a sense of elitism, this is a look at five fan debates that are so pointless that (regardless of who wins) both sides will look dumb.


5. Which Generation of Pokemon was the Best

The franchise started with only 151 Pokemon back in the late 90’s but has since grown to include 802 (not counting mega or Aloha evolution). This has lead to fans debating which generation of Pokemon games is the best in the franchise. Some see Gen 3 or Gen 5 as the best, while others feel that Gen 1 fans are blinded by nostalgia.

Why It’s Pointless: The problem with these generational debates is that there usually isn’t a correct answer. Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon games may be memorable among those who grew up in the late 90’s/early 2000’s but those raised in the 2010’s are gonna prefer the Gen 5 Pokemon titles.

In regards to the gameplay, each title brought something new or fixed an issue while including a gameplay element that was unpopular. In regards to the actual Pokemon –  each generation is going to have a fair share of ones that are iconic, awesome, or will look really dumb.


4. Original Fallout vs. Bethesda’s Fallout

The Fallout series has been one of the most groundbreaking role playing titles in gaming while also being one of the most divisive. One of the most notable debates has been regarding the quality of the original games versus the Bethesda versions.

Old school fans who played Fallout and Fallout 2 see themselves as true fans while believing that the series went downhill after Bethesda acquired the rights. A new generation of fans however do respect the classics but also feel that Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 have continued the the series legacy.

Why It’s Pointless: This is not so much a generational debate but more of one faction of a fan community having an elitist attitude. The original Fallout games are a masterpiece of gaming and science fiction but they are not for everyone. Old school fans have criticized the Bethesda games for being “too much of a shooter”, having bad writing, or removing a few trivial elements.

Detractors of this argument have noted that the turn-based combat and overall gameplay mechanics can be unwelcoming for other gamers. Meanwhile; Bethesda’s version of the series has allowed a new generation of gamers to explore the Wasteland while also working to redefine the genre.


3. DC vs. Marvel

For over half a century – DC and Marvel have been the titans of the comic book industry having given the world many iconic characters. Both publishing houses also have their own legion of loyal fans who are always at odds with each other. The most resent example of this feud is DC fans working to review bomb Black Panthers user score on Rotten Tomatoes while “DC vs. Marvel” was starting to trend on Twitter.

Why It’s Pointless: Fans may see each other as mortal enemies but the publishing houses will have to disagree. They may be in competition but there is nothing wrong with being friends with your rival. In fact, the idea that they need to be mortal enemies is kinda baffling to them.

Each one has drawn inspiration from the other to create there memorable characters. Meanwhile their iconic figures have also worked at the rival publisher at some point, the most notable example being Jack Kirby’s tenure with DC in which he created the Fourth World story arch. To solidify there relationship, DC and Marvel have collaborated together on numerous crossover story’s. In fact; one the most iconic definition of “Even Evil Has Standards” troupe comes from Batman & Captain America when the Joker ends his partnership with Red Skull after learning about his Nazi affiliation.


2. Which Console is Superior

The Console Wars has been an age old debate among gamer over which system is the superior one. Each faction will vouch that their console is better because of some specs, a special feature and a list of exclusive titles. Since the Sixth Generation; it has been a three way battle between PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox.

Why It’s Pointless: This debate made sense back when there were 20 consoles on the market and they all played Pong. Today this debate makes no sense since its going to be less about hardware and more about what gaming community one prefers.

The PlayStation community could be best described as being influenced by its rich gaming history along with a mix of Japanese and nerd culture. The Xbox community could be best defined of having a more contemporary and bro-ish culture. Titles like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Uncharted have defined the PlayStation culture while titles like Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War have defined the Xbox culture. Meanwhile; Nintendo can’t really be included in this debate since they do their own thing plus most Xbox or PlayStation gamers will also be a Nintendo fan at heart.


1. Superman vs. Goku

Ever since Death Battle did an episode that pitted Superman against Goku, the internet has exploded with fans questioning the results. Be it at a Comic Con or anime convention – their will always be a group of fans debating over who would win in a fight, Kakarrot or the Man of Steel.

Why It’s Pointless: There is no point in sugar coating it or being objective by looking at both sides, Superman vs. Goku is literally the king of pointless fan debates. Everyone has had a fantasy of their favorite characters battling it out but fans have taken the Superman vs. Goku argument to obnoxious levels.

The reason why this debate is pointless is because Goku and Superman power comes from the greatest source in the universe, what ever the writer needs for the story (aka total bullshit). Superman has had some really dumb powers such traveling back in time (Superman: The Movie) or erasing someones memory with a kiss (Superman II). He has even been defeated in a battle against a middle-aged Batman and a one-armed Green Arrow (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns). Meanwhile; Goku overcomes his challenges simply by either training really hard somewhere or waiting for a deus ex machina to appear.

Do you agree with our list or is there a fan debate that you feel is totally pointless? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Oh please, everyone knows Superman can totally kick Goku’s ass since DBZ fans are just 13 year old boys who masterbate to anime. It was settled those brats need to get over it plus Goku is just a Superman knockoff. Also Marvel history is all about copying DC hence DC is much better and Marcel fans can blow me.

  2. batman beat superman , the joker beat superman , lex luthor beat superman and muhammad ali beat superman ….just saying ( you don’t need powers to beat superman) Goku would be able to LITERALLY DISINTEGRATE Superman!

  3. I never got the DC vs Marvel beef? I like both in regards to comics and while Marvel has better live action films, DC has better animated films. They got good video games on both sides as well.

  4. Thank you – these are some of the dumbest debates I hear at any con and it just makes me hate my fellow nerds sometimes.

  5. I really like Dragon Ball. I like DBZ too. But Dragon Ball Z has the worst fanbase of any fandom I’ve ever had the displeasure of interacting with. Except for maybe Star Wars.

  6. Goku is weak because if Superman can beat Goku and Batman can beat Superman – exto Batman can beat Goku = Transitive Property bitches!

  7. Me: These are the arguments that make fandom look bad.
    Readers: Goku could totally kick Superman’s ass / Superman could totally kick Goku’s ass

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