Some glitches will make an a map become unplayable or an enemy become undefeated, but then there are the glitches that will result in a nuclear disarmament. That seems to be the case regarding a minor glitch that affected the world of Metal Gear Online 3, the multiplayer component of The Phantom Pain.

For those unfamiliar with Metal Gear Online 3, part of the online gameplay requires players to sneak into an enemy base and disarm their nuclear weapons. Once all nuclear weapons have been dismantled by the community, a special event is triggered that will honor this achievement.

According to METAL GEAR OFFICIAL (the official Twitter page of the franchise) a Nuclear Disarmament event was triggered by a glitch in the PC version of the game. They are currently looking into how it happened and how they can resolve the issue .

News of the glitch along with a vow to resolve it has not been meet well with the games community. Many our outraged that resources have diverted to fixing this glitch while other issues have gone unresolved. There have also been theories floating that Konami has been trying to suppress any attempts to unlock Chapter 3 from the single player story (a section of the game that had been cut).

You can check out some of the outrage in the following tweets:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the tenth game in the series and follows the events of Ground Zeroes. After the attack on Mother Base, Big Boss awakes from a coma only to establishes a new mercenary army while seeking revenge against XOF.

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