2016 may have been a shitty year for humanity but it was a great year for gaming. It’s a year that would be defined by the birth of VR, the release of several highly anticipated titles. Helping to make it a good year for gaming was the many indie titles that wowed players in 2016.

As the year comes to an end, its time to look back at the five best indie games of 2016. For the games to count, they must also no longer be in Early Accesses.

5. Blade & Bones


Blade & Bones is an minimalist style open world adventure that may seem hollow on the outside but is rich in lore and story development. It’s something rarely seen in games but Coffee Addict Studio has managed to make it happen.

4. Zombie Night Terror


This is an example of a zombie game that is unique because it offers something new. It’s a break from the norm as players are now responsible for spreading the outbreak. In this nod to classic B-Films, the player is responsible for spreading a zombie virus to wipe out humanity.

3. Season After Fall


Seasons after Fall is a special kind of game that will attract players with its aesthetic visuals and then take them on a mystical journey. This is the kind of game that players will love for its artistic direction while blending in some unique puzzles.

2. Headlander


Headlander is a Metroidvania style game that will not only take players on an out of body and world odyssey but it will serve as an example of the influence that science fiction of the 1970’s has had on pop-culture.

1. Broforce (PS4)


Broforce is that special kind of games that combines one’s love for classic 8-bit run & gun adventures with 80’s action films then adds a small dose of all things ‘Merican. When evil terrorists, aliens and demons threaten the peace of the world, America dispatches an elite special forces unit to protect liberty by using extreme violence.

Honorable Mention | Day of Infamy


Day of Infamy is an online World War II shooter that is set during the European Theater of the war. Players play as either American, British or Nazi forces to either liberate the map or hold it against the opposing forces. The game is currently available in Early Access.

Honorable Mention | We Happy Few


One of the most talked about indie titles of 2016 takes players to an alternative 1960’s following an invasion of the United Kingdom.When the player awakes from the fantsy world created by drugs, they must find a way to escape before the society collapses into anarchy. The game is currently available in Early Accesses.

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