Star Wars cosplay

The Force is going to be strong at FanimeCon 2020 as the Star Wars Cosplay Gathering has been announced.

Star Wars Cosplay Gathering will be hosted during FanimeCon 2020 by Zeta Natalie Uvon (who hosted the same gathering last year). As the name implies, this gathering is open to all Star Wars cosplayers (including expanded universe characters).

No official date, time or location has been announced yet (since its too early in the year). That information will become available in May when everything is set.

Cosplay gatherings are one of the most notable events during the FanimeCon weekend. Other cosplay gatherings that have been announced are Old School Anime themed and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The convention will also host several eSport tournaments, concerts and invites special guests. Erika Harlacher from The Seven Deadly Sins and anime historian Gilles Poitras are the only confirmed guest for the 2020 event but more will be announced.

FanimeCon 2020 is one of the largest fan organized anime conventions and will take place on the Memorial Day weekend. Check out some of the amazing cosplayers form the 2019 event.

If you can’t make it to FanimeCon 2020 then check out the many conventions that are set to take place in the Bay Area and surrounding region. We will work to provide updates and announcements when they become available.

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