Following its triumph premier on Netflix, Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay have spiked in popularity and now an official gathering has been confirmed for FanimeCon 2020.

Evangelion Gathering will be hosted during FanimeCon by Dark Lord of the Fluff Cosplay and Samael Cosplay. No official date, time or location has been announced yet (since its too early in the year). However it’s expected that the cosplay gathering will take place on May 24th.

As the title suggests, the gathering is open to all Evangelion cosplayers. This includes the original series and the Rebuild film saga. It should be noted that all cosplays must follow convention policy.

Cosplay gatherings are one of the most notable events during the FanimeCon weekend. The event also hosts eSport tournaments, concerts and invites special guests. Erika Harlacher is currently the only confirmed guest for the 2020 event but more will be announced.

FanimeCon 2020 is one of the largest fan organized anime conventions and will take place on the Memorial Day weekend. Check out some of the amazing cosplayers form the 2019 event.

Set 15 years after cataclysm attack, Neon Genesis Evangelion follows the story of Shinji as he is recruited by his father to pilot an Evangelion into combat against creatures dubbed Angels. The series has been highly praised for deconstruction the mech genre while also exploring complex religious themes that explore the meaning of individuality, freedom and personal choice.

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