Shout! Factory VRV

Crunchyroll has announced that a collection of works by Shout! Factory is coming to VRV, their pop-culture fandom streaming service.

The collection form Shout! Factory coming to VRV includes both movies and TV shows. They will be available to stream starting on May 1st. Some of the works included in the line up are:

Kamen Rider Kuuga is the tenth installment of the iconic series. It follows a group of archaeologists who accidentally release an ancient race of monsters. To stop this threat, Yusuke Godai becomes the new Kuuga and assembles a team to aid him.

Chojin Sentai Jetman is the classic series that inspired Power Rangers. The Sky Force deploy five operatives to participate in an experiment with Birdonic Waves which will give them superhuman abilities. But the projected is botched when the Vyram. The project is saved when a group of civilians have an encounter with the Birdonic Waves and are given super powers. Now the team must work together to protect the Earth.

Barbarian Queen follows the titular character on her quest for revenge. Armed with her sword and accompanied by three ravishing but deadly women warriors, she battles to mercilessly overthrow the tyrannical warlord who slaughtered her tribe.

VRV is a streaming service established by Crunchyroll that features a verity of anime and pop-culture based networks. Shout! Factory is a media company that focuses on retro pop-culture inspired works.

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