By Stan Rezaee

Kraken Con during the day was a fun experience but after 6pm it transforms into a different atmosphere. It was a night divided among those seeking insight at a more mature panel, those who just want to have fun and those who just want to keep their game of Super Smash Bros going.

On the 21st floor in the Skyline Room, attendees dressed in their best for the Atlantis Ball. For those who came, it was a night of wonder as they hit the dance floor with a partner to the tune of many iconic soundtracks. It was an opportunity for one to demonstrate their dance skills outside of a game of Just Dance. One also had to admire the view of not just Downtown Oakland but also the scenery from across the bay in San Francisco.

Those who were interested in a more mature insight of pop-culture had the choice between Idol 3D: A Beginners Guide to J-Pop Idol hosted by A-To-J Connections or The Scariest Manga Ever hosted by Jason Thompson.

By bring his insight as the Manga Editor of Otaku USA, Thompson takes the audience on an in-depth look at the most iconic horror manga’s. After a few example, one will be quick to note the influence of acclaimed horror writer,  H.P. Lovecraft, along with a heavy emphasis on body horror. The dark room along with the eerie sounds just added to the horror factor of the panel.

However if one was seeking some advice on life and dating then Professor Shyguy had the perfect panel. Here the hit artist shares his insights on dating and the inner struggles we need to overcome. Even though it was to be an hour long,the discussion was so insightful that it lasted well pass midnight.

Those not interested in a panel could either test their singing skills during karaoke or watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Down on the first floor, the West Event Hall had been closed off for the night but there was plenty of action in the East Event Hall. Here one could see gamers going up against each other either in a round of Smash or Just Dance. If gaming was not ones intrest then head over to the Main Event for two must watch shows.

The first main event was the Amazing Guest Game Show hosted by David Studebake which featured Charlet Chung, Kimberly Brooks, Max Mittelman and Kyle Hebert going against each other in a battle of fandom. This was followed by Cosplay Wrestling Federation presenting a battle of jabs and charisma.

It’s hard to say when the Kraken Con night would come to an end but for me it was around midnight. I’m sure the gamers would battle on all the way till 1am while people were still hanging out outside the halls. All that needs to be said was that it was an unforgettable night.

If you had a chance to check out Kraken Con, share your story in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Kraken Con provided us with passes for the weekend.

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  1. When a con goes past 7 then it gets interesting when the family crowd is gone and the adults come out. Nothing wild happens but its a better event then during the day.

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