If you had plans to attend San Jose Fantasy Faire this weekend then you may want to take a seat because there is some unfortunate news. Renaissance Production has announced that the 2017 event has officially been canceled due to the weather. 

Even though it has been warm and sunny for the last few days, the weathers is expected to change with the possibility of rain starting on Friday. Not wanting to take any chances of a rainstorm, the event has now officially been canceled.

The announcement was made on Facebook in a post that stated,

Anyone who purchased a ticket can either use it to attend any other Renaissance Production event (such as San Jose Renaissance Faire, Valhalla Renaissance Faire in South Lake Tahoe, and Folsom Renaissance Faire) or ask for a full refund. Full refunds are available through Eventbrite or Groupon.

San Jose Fantasy Faire was a festival that blends historical Renaissance era culture with that of popular works of fantasy. The event was to take place from April 8 until the 9th at Discovery Meadow in San Jose.



  1. This is why they should have rented the convention center in stead of a park, rain happens during this season but no piss poor planning gets priorty here!

  2. I agree, there are so many venues and convention centers they could have picked instead they did it outside without any real planning.

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