Following the success of last year’s event, San Jose Comic Con is back with a 2022 event. Time to plan for another day of fun with your favorite comic industry leaders and icons.

San Jose Comic Con 20222 will be a one-day comic convention that will take place on August 21st at the Holiday Inn San Jose (located at 1350 North 1st St). Organized by the promoters of the Big Wow Comic Fest, the event will highlight the history and impact of comics. 

Tickets are now available for sale. They are going for $8 in advance or $10 at door along with $5 for parking at the hotel. Panel and vendor submissions is also now open. 

The guest list has also been announced and it includes numerous industry leader. The guests are Tony Harris, Scott Shaw, Dan Bereton, Chris Marinnan, John Hageman, and Mark Bode.

Tony Harris is a comic book artist who is known for his work Iron Man and Ex Machina.

Scott Shaw is an industry legend who has been a comic artist and writer for over 50 years. He has worked on Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew along with the comic adaptations of Sonic the Hedgehog and The Simpsons. He has also designed action figures for McFarlane Toys.

Dan Bereton is a comic artist and writer who is best known as the creator of Nocturnals.

Chris Marinnan is an illustrator who is best known for his work on Wonder Woman while at DC and spiderman while at Marvel. 

John Hageman is a comic artist and the founder of 10 Ton Press, an indie comic publisher based in the Bay Area. 

Mark Bode is an industry legend who is known for his work on Cobalt-60 and The Lizard of Oz.

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