Saints Row: The Third was a turning point for the series while also being hailed as one of the funniest games and now it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Deep Silver has confirmed that a special version of the game will be released on May 10th. Dubbed Saints Row: The Third The Full Package, this version will include the main game and all the DLC’s.

The DLC pack includes three mission expansions and 30 costume packs. It’s unknown if original content is being made exclusively for the Switch version.

Saints Row: The Third was first released on all major consoles and the PC back in 2011. The story follows the newly branded Third Street Saints (who have become super stars after absorbing the Ultor Corporation) are at war with the Syndicate after they kill Johnny Gatz.

While I don’t have a review of Saints Row The Third, check out my review of Saints Row IV just to have an idea of what to expect.

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