Due to the resent spike in cases of COVID-19 and concerns of public safety, SacAnime Summer 2020 has join the long list of fan conventions that have been cancelled. The event will now take place during the Labor Day Weekend in 2021.

SacAnime Summer 2020 has been cancelled due to the spike in COVID-19 cases and the risk to public safety. The team made the heart breaking decision as they felt there is a good chance that they will not be able to host the event. This could be due to the spike in cases and new guidelines. Even though the state has been reopening, there has been a spike in cases.

SacAnime Summer 2020 Cancelled 8Bit/Digi

Plans for 2021

Those who purchased their tickets online will get a refund immediately. All hotel reservations through the conventions have been cancelled automatically. SacAnime will honor all physical pass purchased during Winter 2020 at the Summer 2021 event. Those with a physical pass must hold on to them as their is no digital record.

It has also been confirmed that the Digital Art Contest and Manga Contest will continue as planned. There is no word if other events or panels will be converted into an all digital event.

In regards to the guests, the team is working to re-book them for the Summer 2021 event. Given the current state of the pandemic, no updates about the Winter 2021 have been made.

SacAnime Summer 2020 Cancelled 8Bit/Digi

The State of Summer Plans

It now joins CarrierCon and Powerhouse Comic Con that have announced their cancellation. Other Summer events have been pushed back to the Fall or deferred to 2021. Those that have not been cancelled are committed to their scheduled. It should be noted that dates and status may change given what will happen during the pandemic.

SacAnime is one of the largest anime and pop-culture fan conventions in Northern California. Two events are hosted each year, one during the Winter and another in the Summer.

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