SacAnime has unveiled the schedule for all of its official cosplay gatherings during the Summer 2019 event. All cosplay gatherings will take place at the East Lobby Terrace and the list includes time and media franchise.


12:30 pm Tokyo Ghoul
1:15pm Rick and Morty
2:00pm RWBY
2:45pm Steven Universe
3:30pm Adventure Zone
4:15pm Disney and Pixar 
5pm Yuri on Ice
5:45pm Assassin’s Creed


10:15am Homestuck
11am Overwatch
12:30 pm JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
1:15pm Critical Role
2pm One Piece
2:45pm SMT / Persona
3:30pm Fate series
4:15PM Marvel


11am Undertale and Deltarune
11:00 am Fullmetal Alchemist 
11:45am  Love Live!
12:30 pm Sally Face
1:15pm My Hero Academia
2pm League of Legends
2:45pm Assassin’s Creed

It should be noted that this list only includes cosplay gatherings that are officially organized by the SacAnime staff. There will be unofficial cosplay gatherings in the area and fans will have to network if they wish to find them.

SacAnime Summer 2019 will take place at the Sacramento Convention Center during the weekend of June 7th to the 9th. To have an idea of what to expect; check out my coverage of SacAnime Winter 2019.

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