After several weeks of rumors and speculation, Activision has confirmed that the next entry in the iconic shooter series will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be a soft reboot of the series most iconic story arch while also set in a more realistic setting. The game is set to be released for all major consoles and the PC on October 25th.

Confirmed Facts

It has been confirmed that game will be set in a more realistic environment inspired by current event. So far it has been confirmed that Cpt. John Price will return for the reboot, most likely as a playable character. However it has not been confirmed if John “Soap” MacTavish or Ghost will return, it’s also unclear if Vladimir Makarov will return as a villain or in some other capacity.

It has also been confirmed that zombie mode or some version of it will not be included in this game (the first time since Modern Warfare 3). It has also been confirmed that no season passes will be sold. Several news outlets have also reported that the mini-games from the original trilogy will undergo some kind of reimagining.

More information and details will be unveiled during E3 2019.

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