A Love Letter to the Classics

Horror survival in the 90s was characterized by a spirit of experimentation and creativity to compensate for the technological limitations. It’s also an era looked back on with fondness as it gave us so many classics that have defined the genre going forward. You Will Die Here Tonight captures that nostalgia by tapping into some of the defining titles of that era. 

You Will Die Here Tonight could easily be described as a game that blends the best of Resident Evil with The House of the Dead. While the inspiration is obvious, it also goes out of its way to be a unique experience in its own right. The result is a balance between an original experience and a homage to the classics.  

Welcome to the Breckenridge Estate

Members of the elite ARIES Division are deployed to the Breckenridge Estate. They are tasked with arresting Jeff Monroe for the murder of his family. Upon their arrival at the mansion, a blinding light knocks out the entire squad. One by one they awake, separated from the other operatives and with no idea of how they were relocated. Making matters worse is that the mansion is infested with zombies and monsters. 

Players will take on the role of each member of the ARIES Division and work to find a way to escape the Breckenridge Estate. They have to use whatever they can to survive and escape. Simultaneously, Dr. Katherine Olsson, the recently added member, harbors suspicions that there is a deeper layer to the unfolding events behind the scenes.

Right away one could easily tell how much of a love letter the game is to Resident Evil. From the setting to the team along with monsters and a boulder joke, the developers are making no effort to hide their love for the iconic series. However; there are also plenty of homages to other horror games of the same era (like House of the Dead). When it comes to being a horror survival made by fans of the genre for the genre fans, You Will Die Here Tonight hits all the right marks. 

Survive the Night 

If you ever played Resident Evil: Gaiden back in the day, then this setup will be somewhat familiar. Exploration is done from a top-down view while combat is in the first person.

Players will have the option to take on the role of each member of the ARIES Division. Every operative has a special skill that can give players an edge in the right situation. However; one should also be cautious when exploring as permadeath is a key element of the experience. If your character is killed then you will need to start over with a new operative. 

When exploring the Breckenridge Estate, the game will be presented in a top-down pre-rendered 3D environment. It’s in this view that will allow you to navigate around the environment and explore every corner. A departure from the third-person tank controls but also a welcoming alternative. Just be aware that some of the puzzles are also traps and making the wrong choice could lead to death. 

Combat takes place in a first-person setting, allowing players to take aim when they encounter a zombie. This being a horror survival – one should conserve ammo if necessary and avoid combat or use the knife. Most of the time it’s best to use a firearm when outnumbered or going up against a boss. Besides the knife and handguns, players will also have access to a shotgun and SMG. They will also have the opportunity to upgrade them.

You Are Dead! 

My only issue with the overall game is the switch to first-person combat does take some time to get used to. Compared to Gaiden, it was better executed here with user-friendly combat mechanics and easy aiming. However, the transitional jump from a top-down view to first-person can be a little janky at times. Particularly in the heat of the moment. However, it’s just something that takes some time to get used to (despite some frustrations). 

Uncover the Truth

This is a game that at its heart is an overall love letter to the classic Resident Evil games and other horror titles of the era. It also goes out of its way to be a unique experience by striking a balance between the two elements. The end result is a horror survival that knows the fans all too well while also putting their skills to the test.

You Will Die Here Tonight is what happens when you make a game with the defining elements of Resident Evil and The House of the Dead. This is a game that was made for horror survival fans by developers who grew up playing the classics.  

Disclaimer: Evolve PR provided the game used for this review.

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You Will Die Here Tonight (PC)





  • The overall game is a love letter to the classic Resident Evil series.
  • Plenty of homages to other classic horror games of the 90s.
  • Play as six chracters with unquie skills.
  • Permadeath adds an intense layer to the challenge.


  • Switch from top-down to first-person can be janky at times.

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