A Long Awaited Conclusion to a Beloved Story

In the past few years, fans have experienced multiple journeys within the Trails series. Building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie serves as the culmination of an extensive narrative that has unfolded across six games and an anime series. After everything, this is the closure that fans have been waiting for.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie brings together series favorites Lloyd Bannings and Rean Schwarzer along with a new hero, the mysterious C. Players are once again tossed into a fantasy world plagued with corruption and on the brink of total war.

From Zero to Cold Steel 

When it comes to the Trails series, the question of needing to play the previous games is often brought up. Mostly in JRPG focused online communities and groups. In regards to Trails into Reverie, you absolutely should have played Trails from Zero, Trails to Azure along with Cold Steel III and IV. The story or what is happening in the world won’t make sense without having played the previous game. At the same time, your progress from the previous games gets carried over. Finally; you won’t really be as invested in what happens unless you have experienced the previous games. 

A World in Chaos 

Set several months after the events of Trails of Cold Steel IV, the story follows three groups whose journeys will intertwine. Lloyd Bannings and the members of the Special Support Section (SSS) are fighting for an independent Crossbell only to be thwarted again by the Imperial Army. Rean Schwarzer and the members of Class VII have been tasked with locating Prince Olivert Reise Arnor and his wife. An unknown force is pulling the strings from behind the scenes and the mysterious C is working to expose the truth. 

The Legend of Heroes has always been a series that is rich in story, world-building, and character. Trails into Reverie takes the lore from each arch and brings it all together. Players have been put in the shoes of Rean Schwarzer and witness his rise from a military academy student to the Hero of the Empire. They have also experienced the journey of Lloyd Bannings from rookie cop to a beloved public servant. Now we get to see them and their allies all come together for one last adventure.

Preparing for Battle 

Fans of the series will be happy to know that Trails into Reverie has kept the classic JRPG setup with some minor polishing. The game once again has a solid balance between in-depth storytelling and engaging action. Combat is turn-based using a range system while players could use their turn to either attack or support party members. Each character has their own unique gear that could also be enhanced. Quartz are at the center of the combat mechanics as they allow the character’s players to deliver powerful attacks through the Utilize Arts and Brave Orders.

If you played the previous game Trails games then all of this should be familiar. For new players, the intro does a solid job of introducing players to the gameplay mechanics and the world. 

A key component of the game is the Trails to Walk system and the True Reverie Corridor. Trails to Walk system allows the player to switch between Lloyd Bannings, Rean Schwarzer, and C storyline. Completing each individual pathway is required to progress, so you can’t just play the entire game as one character. True Reverie Corridor returns as means to build up your character and party. Here players could recruit new party members and battle through randomly generated dungeons to test their skills. 

World of Zemuria

One aspect of the experience every player should take the time to appreciate is the overall world. From the start, I just had to take some time to explore this more vibrant version of Crossbell City. Even though it’s a city I’ve explored in numerous games, it felt more alive compared to past titles. 

Knowing how to get around this world is important because it has a lot to offer. It’s a shame to be only focused on completing the main story when there is so much to see. It really has a lot of the standard elements seen in every JRPG with a more modern element. You will have the standard adventures guild, shops, merchants, and off-beat side quests. These add to the overall experience instead of unnecessarily padding the game.

Threats to the Empire

One of my biggest gripes with the game is that it takes a while for everything to open up. This is already frustrating in most games, but Trails into Reverie manages to hit the right nerve. Most of it boils down to the fact that it’s the seventh game in this arc and yet it treats returning players as if it’s their first time playing.

Another issue I had was that some elements of the story fell flat. Without delving into specifics to avoid spoilers, I felt that some narrative pathways could have been better crafted. Additionally, certain plot twists felt less shocking and more predictable. While I wasn’t entirely let down, these narrative choices had the potential to undermine the entire buildup leading to the conclusion.

The Final Battle

As with its predecessors, players once again set off on a journey in a story-rich world populated by characters you have grown to admire. The gameplay has been better polished while playing as multiple characters allow for the same story to be told from different perspectives. It has its shortcomings but they can be either forgiven or easily overlooked.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie brings together beloved characters from the series for one final adventure. This highly anticipated conclusion is sure to please fans, as it delivers an impactful and thrilling experience rather than a lackluster conclusion.

Disclaimer: NIS America provided the game used for this review.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie (PC)





  • A massive world for players to journey.
  • Familiar gameplay mechanics with some improvements.
  • Rich in story, world-building, and character.
  • Playing as multiple characters allows for the same story to be told from different perspectives.
  • Visually more appealing while also maintaining its distinctive charm.


  • It takes some time for everything to open up.
  • Some elements of the story fell flat

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