Last year I was really impressed and captivated by the magic of Seasons after Fall for the PC. So was not surprised that Swing Swing Submarine decided to bring their masterpiece to the consoles and recreate the same success.

Seasons after Fall is a special kind of game that will attract players with its aesthetic visuals and then take them on a mystical journey. This is the kind of game that players will love for its artistic direction while blending in some unique puzzles.

PlayStation gamers will be quick to be reminded of Ōkami with its artistic style and mythical themes that are based in popular folklore. Unlike Ōkami, what makes Seasons after Fall stand out is that it offers a more tranquil adventure for gamers. What it lacks in action is made up with  its soothing musical score and puzzles along with two lovable characters.

Players take on the role of the Red Fox as he is guided through the forest on a quest to rescue the lost spirits of the four seasons. Guided by the narrator; the Red Fox must seek the four Guardians of the Seasons and gain their power.

Seasons after Fall two strongest feature are the artistic style along with its fantasy driven story. The plot is rich with elements of fantasy that is inspired by English folklore along with elements of Native American mythology.

The games visual design is the first thing that everyone will notice and its not some cheap gimmick. The games artistic direction is the foundation of its overall tranquil setting. This also allows for some unforgettable level design that reflect upon the games overall tone. Complementing the visual design is the musical score that adds to the games mythical setting.

The gameplay is a basic platform adventure with a series of puzzles and challenges that the Red Fox must overcome. Unique to the experience is the ability to alter the season which will allow the player to solve the puzzles and progress. I must also note that the game works better with a PS4 control than a mouse and keyboard.

Its only real problem is the guidance may not always be clear but that is an issue that could easily be over looked. On the positive side, the glitches that I encountered in the PC version are absent in the PS4 version.

With its unique artistic style and a rich story makes Seasons after Fall an unforgettable experience. PlayStation gamers who enjoyed Ōkami back in day will not want to miss this adventure.

Final Score: 9/10

Disclaimer: The game used for this review was purchased by a friend then compared it with the PC version which was provided to us by Evolve PR. 

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