An Overlooked Classic Has Returned

If you’re a fan of my reviews then you know all too well what how much I enjoy classic shooters. I grew up playing games like Doom II and Duke Nukem 3D back in the days. However, I didn’t get to enjoy all the wonders of this era due to limited resources and access to information. One such title I never got to experience was Rise of the Triad, until now. 

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is another flawless remaster by Nightdive Studios. This time they are giving gamers the chance to enjoy a lost classic. This was a title that was ahead of its time in so many ways but overshadowed by its more successful peers. It now gets a renewed interest its legacy thanks to this remaster.

HUNT Down the Cult

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition has players take on the role of one of five operatives of the High-risk United Nations Taskforce (H.U.N.T.). They are tasked with investigating a sinister cult operating out of an old monastery of the cost of Los Angeles. When it’s discovered that the cult plans to unleash a great evil that will destroy the world, the operatives must do whatever it takes to stop them. 

The story is an obvious product of its time. A lot of games from this era were drawing inspiration from action B-films of the ’80s. Rise of the Triad was no different. While the story may feel cheesy, it’s the good kind. This is the kind of story I would expect from such a game and I love it for that. 

Tools of the HUNT

This is a first-person shooter and all you do is blast waves of enemies you encounter. Combat itself is fast-paced while the intensity is based on the difficulty level. While not gory compared to Doom or Quake, it still has plenty of carnage to satisfy your itch. 

The character you select can make all the difference based on one’s play style. Tarandino Cassatt has average skills which are perfect for someone who wants a character with balanced skills. Thi Barrett and Lorelei Ni may not be strong but their speed makes up for it. Doug Wendt and Ian Paul Freeley are perfect for those who prefer a character built like a tank.

Players have access to a good arsenal but can only carry four weapons at a time. Projectile weapons have infinite ammo while super weapons will have limited ammo. There are also special abilities that can be used for a limited time. While everything about it may not be innovative by today’s standards, it had some elements that were ahead of its time. Remember that games like Doom were a new concept so everyone was trying to experimenting with new gameplay mechanics.

Ludicrous Edition doesn’t limit itself to being an upgraded classic, it gives players the full experience. Besides the main game, players also have access to the contents of the expansion pack. At the same time, they can enjoy either the original soundtrack or the one from the 2013 remake.

Driving Off a Cliff

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition has its fair share of issues and they can all be summed up by the fact they have not aged well. From carrying over the issues from Wolfenstein to the execution of its mechanics and features. These aren’t serious issues that will hinder the overall experience but it might feel jarring to someone who didn’t grow up playing these games. 

One issue that really did stand out was the games level design. Its overall design and aesthetics fall short even when compared to its contemporaries. At best it can be bland and sloppy at worst when it incorporates some of the worst design elements of the era. Most notable of these designs are platformer elements in a first-person shooter. Thankfully level design has evolved a lot since these days. At times it helps to remember why such design choices have been abandoned.

A Classic Reborn

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition allows fans of retro shooters to experience an overlooked classic that help define the FPS genre. While we all remember the major titles that defined the genre, we also need to look back on the cult classics that were willing to experiment. Remaster like this help us remember these games while allowing a new generation to experience the titles that created the genre. 

Disclaimer: Stride PR provided the game used for this review. 

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Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition (PC)





  • A chance to experience an overlooked classic.
  • Remaster includes the main game plus the expansions.
  • Easy to learn combat that is also very satisfying.
  • Many of the hallmarks of the original have been restored.


  • Many of its issues can be summed up to the game not having aged well.
  • Level design fall short even when compared to its contemporaries.

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