Remember playing Road Rash or Hang-On for the Sega Saturn back in the day? If you want to relive those good ole days then you should download Retro Highway for the iPhone.

Retro Highway has players ride across a track while performing stunts and avoiding on coming traffic. The more challenges that are completed, new maps like a desert or the moon become available.  Meanwhile; players could earn coins and gain access to new motorcycles. There are microtranactions but its not pushed on the player and you really need to look for the option.

The controls are setup in a simple manner but its less about learning how they work and more about getting use to it. However it’s so simple that players should get familier with it after the first two games.

Yeah – that’s all there is to Retro Highway and that makes it a good game. The title is not trying imitate a classic or attempting to financially milk the nostalgia of gamers. This is just an old school style game that was crafted to be fun and simple. Overall; it’s just a simple call back to the days of the 32-bit era of gaming.

Retro Highway is a simple game that will take gamers back to the good ole days. It’s a call back to classic motorcycle games while keeping everything simple in terms of gameplay and control functions.

Final Score: 8/10

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