Paul W. S. Anderson film adaptations of Resident Evil can only be described as the most over budgeted work of bad fan-fiction ever made. The sixth installment has the words “The Final Chapter” in the title  which hopefully means this is the last time someone green lights one of these films.

This has been a busy week for the franchise as the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard successfully took the game back to its horror roots. Meanwhile the sixth film only demonstrates that Anderson can only make a good action film when compared to watching paint dry.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter follows Alice trying to return back to Raccoon City for a final confrontation with the Umbrella Cooperation (which somehow still exists).  She will be joined by other characters from the video game who got shoehorned in just so there is some connection with the source material.

At first glance the film may appear to be another excuse to have Milla Jovovich running around shooting zombies but now a nostalgia factor has been added. This would be a nice throw back to past films if only they were worth remembering. In truth the first film was just unwatchable garbage, the second was decent while everything that followed was forgettable.

The film is somewhat enjoyable to watch but one must really be in the mood to numb their brain. This is just another by the number action film with zombies and a few nods to the games just appease the fans. That may seem exciting but this is now the sixth film and the formula has been played-out too much while the zombie genre has been milked dry. Also Underworld and xXx were released the previous weekend and they are much better dumb action films to watch.

With all fairness, it does have only two redeemable qualities with the first being that it’s just a dumb action film which was discussed a few paragraphs ago.  The second is that hopefully this is the last film in the series. If this is truly the last film in the series then it deserves some praise as this will be the last awful work fan-fiction that audiences will have to sit through.

Anderson series has always been five films too many and hopefully the end will could be an opportunity to start fresh. If Sony and Capcom decide to restart the film series then they should have the great George A. Romero bring his vision to the screen.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is just another one of Anderson over budgeted work of fan-fiction that tries to be a dumb action film while having the audacity to include a nostalgia factor into the mix.

Final Score: 4/10

Disclaimer: I went to see this film with a few friends because we saw Underworld and xXx last week.

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  1. These movies are complete dogshit tbh. Idk how they could take such a fantastic ip and churn out such pandering garbage. The acting is always hilariously over the top, the plots are mundane and oftentimes stupid, the action sequences are unrealistic, etc.

  2. “Paul W. S. Anderson film adaptations of Resident Evil can only be described as the most over budgeted work of bad fan-fiction ever made.”

    Best way to describe the shitty films

  3. CGI is pice of shit. It’s 2017! Story is boring and predictable. Actors are hopeless.The camera shakes non-stop. Jump cuts. Millions of pointless shots. One of the worst movie of 2017 and we have January… Terrible movie. Don’t waste your money.

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