Personally; I’m never a fan of any media title whose source material is almost literally a decade old Internet joke. Especially since any comments about Chuck Norris being a badass is quickly countered with a real fact about the late Sir. Christopher Lee. That being said, I decided to play Nonstop Chuck Norris with an open mind, and to my surprise it was actually pretty good mobile game.

Basically you play as Chuck Norris while traveling through different dimensions to beat the crap out of thugs, zombies, aliens and other bad guys. It’s a mobile game, it doesn’t need to have a AAA story like BioShock! But you gotta love the idea of Chuck Norris + Doctor Who made into a video game.

Controls are easy to learn as you just tap on the screen to beat the crap out of the bad guys. Players will also get some special moves to pick from during their attack. Be warned of micro transactions but gotta give the game kudos for not being so obnoxious about it. Overall it’s a fun but simple game and most gamers will love it for the action along with its humor.

However I should point out that even though this game is fun, it would have worked better as a side scrolling game than a fully 3D game. The 3D environment looks nice but really offers noting to the experience and going 2D would have been an awesome nod to the 80’s (the glory days of Chuck Norris films).

Chuck Norris facts may be a played out meme but Nonstop Chuck Norris makes them feel fresh again. It’s a simple beat’em up that gamers will enjoy on the iPhone or Android.

Fun Fact: Chuck Norris was a Military Police officer in the USAF while Sir. Christopher Lee was an operative of the Special Operations Executive during World War II and his military actions are still classified.

Final Score: 8/10

Disclaimer: It’s a free game and I played this on the iPhone.

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