Take to the Skys in a new Battle Frame

Back in 2017, mecha fans were wowed by Project Nimbus. From its easy-to-learn combat to the colorful world and detailed world-building; it was the perfect game for those who just want a simple mech combat experience. Nimbus INFINITY continues that while also incorporating the lessons learned from its predecessor.

Nimbus INFINITY is one of those mecha games that embraces what has made the anime’s that influenced it a timeless classic. From its many levels to its nods to the icons that inspired it, this is less of a game and more of a love letter to the mecha genre. 

Light That Shines Through Darkness

Nimbus INFINITY is set in the distant future, where a significant portion of humanity has migrated to space and established their new home in the cosmos. However, tension is steadily mounting among various global factions, as they vie for control or seek autonomy, with the CFN and ISA being at the heart of this.

Players assume the role of Taiyo, a tofu delivery pilot who experiences an unexpected encounter with an experimental Battle Frame. With no other viable options, he reluctantly becomes its pilot since other pilots are unable to operate it. Taiyo’s impressive skills displayed during his initial battle lead to his recruitment into the CFN military, who are determined to transport the Battle Frame to a secure base. However, this newfound association also exposes him to danger, as the ISA is relentlessly pursuing the Battle Frame, placing Taiyo squarely in their crosshairs.

Right away, I do appreciate all the homages to other mecha series. From design choices to several key moments. One can not ignore the obvious nods to Gundam and Zone of the Enders. Overall, this is a game that was truly made by mecha fans for other mech fans. That homage is not limited to the mecha genre. There are also plenty of nods to other animes like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Initial D

However, I feel it loves the mecha genre a little too much. It’s the classic tale of a teen who encounters a highly advanced mecha and becomes the only ace who can pilot it. They must work with a military unit to get that mecha to a safe place while being pursued by the enemy. This is basically the setup of Mobile Suit GundamZone of the EndersMobile Suit Gundam SEED, and a number of other mecha works. It’s not a bad story and I don’t hate it but I wished they put a unique twist on the classic setup.

I’ll be in Your Care

Nimbus INFINITY flawlessly blends the elements of a visual novel and a mecha combat game, offering players the best of both styles. The story primarily unfolds through the format of a visual novel, supplemented by captivating cutscenes, while the combat is intense. Although this creative endeavor may have carried inherent risks, it was executed masterfully, ensuring that neither aspect of the game compromised on quality. In addition to its captivating campaign that seamlessly blends a compelling story with thrilling action, Survival Mode adds to the game’s replay value.

The gameplay mechanics deliver precisely what fans of mech games desire. The controls are user-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience. Combat system strikes a balance between accessibility and the need for players to explore and develop their unique play style. At the start of each mission, players have the opportunity to carefully select their loadout. Each weapon has its pros/cons, such as considerations of weight, reload speed, and range. Engaging in battles is an exhilarating and fast-paced affair, and possessing the ideal weapons tailored to one’s style and the situation at hand significantly enhances the chances of success.

Its charm lies in its heartfelt embrace of what makes the mecha genre so beloved. It doesn’t focus on tactics and strategy, nor does it attempt to be a simulator. Instead, the game centers itself on delivering an action-packed mecha experience, aiming to recreate the excitement fans have felt while watching their favorite anime series. At its core, Nimbus INFINITY is a labor of love, developed by devoted fans for fellow enthusiasts. Its focus on providing an immersive and thrilling experience is a testament to the game’s dedication to capturing the essence of the genre.

Scum Living a Blissful Existence 

Nimbus INFINITY is everything one could ask for in a mecha game but it also has its fair share of problems. Some of the levels fail to add to the experience. Then there are moments that are just bullet hells with enemies spawning anywhere at random. 

This problem with the levels is more obvious regarding those with an urban setting. Structures seem to function merely as static set pieces that are unaffected by the player’s actions. What do I mean> For example in Zone of the Enders, players must exercise caution to avoid destroying too much of the environment and potentially fail the mission. Nimbus INFINITY lacks this typeof encouragement for strategic decision-making during combat. As a result, players are not incentivized to be mindful of their actions as there are no real consequences imposed by the environment. Incorporating more interactive elements and consequences tied to environmental destruction could enhance the overall experience in these levels.

When there are some serious challenges, it comes in the form of a level that is a bullet hell with enemies spawning anywhere. This design approach can lead to frustration and a sense of chaotic gameplay rather than providing a well-crafted challenge. The lack of clear warning or indication about enemy spawns from various directions adds to the annoyance. Overcoming these levels may require a significant amount of time and repeated attempts, often leaving players with a sense of frustration.

Despite these shortcomings, Nimbus INFINITY is exactly what a mecha fan would want to experience in a mecha game. 

Back in Space

Nimbus INFINITY is a love letter to mecha as it embraces everything that has defined the genre. From the action to the story and the many nods to its influence, this is an experience developed by mecha fans for mecha fans. It has some issues but they can be overlooked and should not hinder your enjoyment.

Disclaimer: HomeRunPR provided the game used in this review.

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  • Perfect balance between a mecha game and a visual novel
  • Easy to learn combat mechanics
  • Nods to other mecha games and animes
  • It's the ideal mecha game


  • Some of the levels fail to add to the experience
  • Moments that morph into bullet hell with enemies spawning anywhere


  1. Another gamer who raged quit on Mission 8 – LOL
    Just say the worst part about Nimbus INFINITY is Mission 8 so the devs can fix it!

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