Mega Man 3 was one of the first games I got for the Nintendo Entertainment System back when I was a wee noob. While many enjoyed classics like Super Mario or Contra, this was the game that defined my childhood.

So when I heard that Capcom was bringing back all the old school Mega Man games, I was excited like most fans.  Mega Man 3 Mobile brings back many great childhood memories along with a few minor changes that improves the overall experience.

To recap the story, Dr. Wily has renounced his evil ways and is working with Dr. Light to make the world a better place. However their work is in jeopardy when the Robot Masters revolt and steel the power crystals. Mega Man must once again save the world by defeating the Robot Masters.

Old school gamers who were raised with the series will love this masterpiece, especially if Mega Man 3 was your favorite. The graphics are old school with a minor polish while the controls are simple to use. The gameplay has been developed to be very mobile friendly without compromising the core elements.

This would have been a flawless port had it not been for one minor issue, the awful frame-rate. This is the only issue yet it’s such a problem that it will hinder on the players experience. The average smartphone has more memory and processing power then a computer from the 80’s but for some reason playing this 8-bit game feels like running Crysis on an average computer.

Despite the performance issues, old school gamers will still enjoy Mega Man 3 Mobile since we were never spoiled by today’s hardware. However I do encourage other gamers to give it a chance since it’s a timeless classic and still a better game than Mighty No. 9.

Mega Man 3 Mobile is a classic that fans will enjoy as it brings back everything they loved about the original.

Final Score: 7/10

Disclaimer: This game was purchased at the App Store.

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