For many old school gamers, game night has been all about getting together with a few childhood friends and playing either Mario Party, Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. However it never hurts to add a new title into the rotation, hence there is a reason to play Guilt Battle Arena.

Guilt Battle Arena is a fun party game that has players battle it out while trying to overcome the challenges of the tournament. What makes the game unique is the cartoonish visuals and music that creates a more friendly atmosphere. In terms of gameplay, players have only one round in their gun and must recover their ammo after firing. Controls will be easy to learn while gamers will like the choice to either use the D-pad or joystick. It has the standard party game modes like capture the flag and last man standing.

Also to its credit, Guilt Battle Arena is an original that does its best to stand out on its own. Let’s be honest, most party games are usually created using an already existing brand (like Mario Kart) or are just a quick cash grab (any party game based on a brand). This game is not pandering to nostalgia nor is it riding the coattails of another brand, this is an original game that players will enjoy.

Its only draw back is that this is a party game that can only be enjoyed with friends or family, hence you’re only going to load it up during game night. Thankfully it’s being sold for only $9.99 so buyers remorse will not be an issue. Yet don’t let that discourage you from giving it a chance.

On a side note; this game is also available for the Nintendo Switch and if you have two consoles (with the Switch being one of them) then get the Switch version. Don’t get me wrong, the PlayStation 4 version is good but this game is definitely more suited for the Nintendo Switch.

Overall; Guilt Battle Arena is a fun party game that will add some verity to game night with friends or family. It’s easy to learn while the visuals and music makes everyone feel welcomed to the game.

Disclaimer: Forty Seven Communications provided the game used in this review. 

Guilt Battle Arena (PS4)





  • Plenty of gameplay options.
  • Easy to learn.


  • Need friends to enjoy.

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