The trend of the tech world in 2018 can be easily summed up into three things: hating Facebook, advancements in blockchain technology and Fortnite (with only one of these not being annoying). The game is so popular that there are more ways to enjoy it than reasons needed to play it.

The mobile version of Fortnite gives gamers another means of battling their friends while on the go. The iPhone port is basically the same great game everyone loves. At the same time, it will allows anyone without a console or a PC to experiences the global cultural phenomenon (while ignoring all the obnoxious gamers who only play it in the hopes of becoming a billionaire).


Fun On The Go

If you played Fortnite for the PS4, Xbox One or PC then the only challenge is going to be getting use to enjoying it on your iPhone. The same gameplay mechanics and level are available in the iPhone version while the controls have been tweaked to accommodate the new platform. Experienced players will not have to worry about starting at the bottom as the progression made on the PC or console will transfer over.

Those who are new to Fortnite are going to have a different experience and learning  it might be a little more difficult compared to the console or PC. Thankfully the game has always been easy to learn and the mobile port is no exception as most new players will learn the basics really quick (but not that quick). The mobile port allows Fortnite to reach out to a more casual audience who might wanna play a few rounds while during a lunch break or commute.

To its credit, Fortnite on the iPhone has to be one of the best console / PC to mobile ports ever developed. Most console to mobile ports always fail to know their limits or to properly adapt to the new system. Epic Games has successfully brought Fortnite to the mobile device while only sacrificing very little in terms of quality. Visuals are not as sharp as the PC or console but are still of high quality. The controls have been setup in a way that it’s comfortable to work with while also being responsive to the players actions.

Yet; Fortnite still has some of the problems that come with a mobile port along with connectivity issues when playing. In the many times I’ve played it, matches played over WiFi went smoothly (so long as I had a solid connection) while matches played over the LTE network were very laggy. This dose create problems for anyone who wants to play in an area that lacks WiFi. This should not however dissuade any new gamers from playing Fortnite as the issues are very minimal.

Victory Royale

Fortnite is a fun game that could be enjoyed on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and now the mobile device. The iPhone version brings everything players have loved about the game while sacrificing very little in terms of quality.

Disclaimer: I downloaded this game from the App Store while the review is based on 30 hours of playing both the PS4 and iPhone combined 

Fortnite (iOs)





  • Its Fornite on your phone.
  • Same great visuals


  • Controls are difficult to work with on the phone.


  1. I don’t get the big deal about Fortnite, PUBG is so much better. Didn’t you guys give PUBG a higher score than Fortnite?

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