A Collection of Unforgettable Nightmares

Horror anthologies are unique as they have a variety of different stories that vary. From the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz to Creepshow by George A. Romero and Stephen Kingthere is a variety of them that dominate any form of media. For gamers; one of the go-to horror anthology series has been the Dread X Collection

Dread X Collection 5 is the latest entry into the series and it delivers its fair share of terror. Like all anthology collections, it’s going to have titles that stand out along with stories that are either ok or fail to stand out. Thus this is going to be review that will look at each entry individually and break them down between what I liked and didn’t like.

The Terror at Outpost 3000

Even though each title had a unique experience, some stood out more. Hence, these are the games that were my favorite in Dread X Collection 5:

Hunsvotti follows your quest for redemption to a night of terror during the Juhannus festival. This was the biggest surprise in the bunch for its creepy tone in what starts as a light-hearted atmosphere. It wastes no time by going off to the dark side. I did not expect to be frightened by a game using vox visuals but it hit all the right marks. 

Vestige has players face a demon from their past after finding their old video game console. This entry combines elements of a point-and-click adventure with that of a retro racing game. It also knows how to freak you out in all the right ways. This is definitely a game made for retro gamers in mind. 

We Never Left is a homage to classic horror films and text-based adventures. What should have been a simple search for a missing person becomes a gamer’s nightmare. The build-up is slow but the scares are totally worth it when they hit. Plus fans of horror games and classic slashers will enjoy all the Easter Eggs. 

Gallerie has players traverse an art gallery that is also home to a sinister presence. This is an entry that stood out for its visuals and world-building while keeping you hooked with the right amount of terror. While it also has its fair share of challenges that you won’t see coming. Overall; a great nod to Night Gallery (a horror anthology series by Rod Serling).

Rotten Stigma puts players in the role of a retired cop who sets out to investigate a cold case at the Gallagher Sports Center. Right away; this one sticks out for being a third person’s experience and one with some combat in it. This entry could be described as a nod to the original Silent Hill while also having elements of more modern titles. 

Also in the collection were Spirit GuardianLudomalicaBeyond the Curtain, and Interim. These titles were either good but did not stand out or were just not my kind of game so it would not be fair to critique them. 

The Last Call at Outpost 3000

Every anthology series is going to have a few duds in the collection. These are titles in Dread X Collection 5 that fell short when compared to the other entries: 

Karao begins with the players taking a break during karaoke night only to take a wrong turn to another world. Unfortunately; this entry felt more like it slapped some ideas together and hoped it worked out. While it has its moments, it feels too dependent on trying to be off-beat in all the wrong ways. 

Book of Blood has players trying to survive a night at an amusement park that is been taken over by an unspeakable evil. This is one of those titles that get your attention, promises something good but fails to live up to expectations. It started off in the right direction but soon lost its dread right away. The atmosphere tries to make up for it but all appeal is quickly lost.  

Resver has players explore a new area only to stumble on something of great terror. This is that one title in every collection that is basically more like an art-house project than anything. It gets your attention with a cool title card but you end up wondering what is going on.  

Another Nightmare at Outpost 3000

Dread X Collection 5 is another promising entry in the indie horror anthology series that has its share of memorable nightmares. It has a good number of unforgettable titles while also having a few duds in the collection. In the end, this is the ideal anthology collection for those who are a fan of indie horror games. 

Disclaimer: UberStrategist provided the game used in this review. 

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Dread X Collection 5 (PC)





  • Hunsvotti will find a way to creep you out with vox visuals.
  • Vestige makes nostalgia feel like a nightmare.
  • We Never Left is a homage to classic horror films and text-based adventures.
  • Gallerie is a great nod to Night Gallery
  • Rotten Stigma is a homage to the original Silent Hill


  • Karao feels too dependent on trying to be an off-beat horror game.
  • Book of Blood is all hype and no real delivery.
  • Resver is more of an art house game than a horror game.

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