Disgaea 6 Complete takes players on another off-beat quest into the Netherworld with all the shenanigans one could expect from the series. 8Bit/Digi

Following its successful launch on the Nintendo Switch last year, PlayStation gamers will now get to enjoy the first new Disgaea entry in over five years. Disgaea 6 Complete brings the joy from Defiance of Destiny plus all the DLC’s and bonus add-ons in one experience. Fans of the series will be thrilled to once again traverse through the Netherworld as this is going to be another memorable entry in the evilest JRPG series.

Disgaea 6 Complete has all the hallmarks that have defined the series. From its colorful characters and its sense of humor to the gameplay. It has also changed up the gameplay mechanics and introduced new features to improve the overall experience. Overall, it’s still a true Disgaea game at heart. 

You Gotta Save Us Dood

A God of Destruction has been reigning havoc across the Netherworld, causing panic within the Dark Assembly. During a meeting to deal with the crisis, Zed barges in and announces that he has defeated the God of Destruction. Stun by this revelation Overlord Ivar demands to know how a simple zombie was able to defeat such a powerful being.

Players take on the role of Zed, who with the help of Cerberus and the power of Super Reincarnation, will traverse the Netherworld in a quest to defeat the God of Destruction. However, it will not be an easy one as he will need to overcome his own limitations. At the same time, other forces are at work plotting their own schemes.

From a narrative perspective, it has the same sense of humor and colorful characters that have defined the series. Once again we are presented with an offbeat look into death and the afterlife. Habituating this world are new lovable characters along with a roster of familiar faces. And yes, there are plenty of Prinnies in this game dood.

The Power of Super Reincarnation

The gameplay is the standard turn-based JRPG that has been a staple of the series. Players will have a party that they could send into battle while plotting each move on the grid. The mechanics and setup are easy to learn for new gamers while fans will feel right at home. Leveling up is made possible by winning battles and also doing a series of other tasks. When compared to previous entries, they have fixed some of the issues while keeping what has worked for players.

The battle themselves requires a lot of planning if you want to get the best outcome. They are also very rewarding when done right. So be prepared and make sure you take the time to work with everyone in your party so they can be ready for a major battle.

Finally, one can’t overlook how Disgaea 6 Complete gives you plenty of reasons not to leave the Netherworld. Past entries have always been rich in replay value and this one is no exception. With the addition of the DLC’s, players are gonna have so many reasons to go back (even after finally beating the God of Destruction). 

PlayStation Vs. Nintendo Dood

I played the Nintendo Switch version (thanks to a friend) and I played the PlayStation 4 version. In regards to quality, the PlayStation 4 version is by far the superior one. Putting aside how playing the game feels natural with a PlayStation controller, it mostly comes down to performance. The Nintendo Switch version had horrible frame rate that would disrupt the overall experience. If you have a choice, absolutely go for the PlayStation 4 version as it fixes all the performance problems. 

The God of Destruction

The only issue I have is that fighting the God of Destruction can get boring very quickly. Yes, it’s an important part of the story but it’s also the only boss in the entire game. While past entries have had a good number of memorable foes, this entry mostly has you fighting one overpowered boss. I’m really not a fan of when an entry replaces the concept of a rogues gallery with a single boss and tries to compensate by having players fight it over and over. This is only referring to the main story and not the side quests or DLC’s.

Despite this one shortcoming, Disgaea 6 Complete is not just a welcoming addition to the series but also an overall improvement compared to the Nintendo Switch version. 

Disgaea 6 Complete takes players on another off-beat quest into the Netherworld with all the shenanigans one could expect from the series. 8Bit/Digi

Return to the Netherworld

Disgaea 6 Complete takes players on another off-beat quest into the Netherworld with all the shenanigans one could expect from the series. From its upbeat take on the afterlife to a gallery of colorful characters, this is truly a worthy entry in the most evilest JRPG series. 

Disclaimer: NIS America provided the game used in this review.

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Disgaea 6 Complete (PS4)





  • New characters that are colorful along with the return of familiar ones.
  • Easy to learn gameplay mechanics that have been fine tuned.
  • Rich in replay value that makes you comeback for more.


  • Fighting the God of Destruction gets repetitive really fast.

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