Let’s be honest, at first the Doom remake is the last game anyone would expect to come over to the Nintendo Switch. Then when you think about it, it makes sense to have a classic title like Doom on a Nintendo console, especially if you enjoyed Doom 64 back in the day.

Also in its defense; while playing Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey is awesome – sometimes you want to turn your brain off with some mindless violence. Enter Doom, the perfect mindless shooter anyone can play for hours.

The story remains practically unchanged, take on the role of the Doom Guy and fight the demons of Hell that have taken over the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) research facility on Mars. Also, something about fighting a rouge scientist and closing some portal (trust me you will not pay attention).

The gameplay is simple, shoot every demon in sight while solving a few side puzzles for extra stuff. You get the classic arsenal of a pistol, shotgun, assault rifle long with the iconic chainsaw and the BFG 9000 (Big F***ing Gun). The game also features some RPG elements allowing players to upgrade their character to be more efficient. Also it’s not a real Doom game unless there is lots of gratuitous violence and this installment makes Grand Theft Auto V look like Minecraft by comparison.

While the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions are flawless, the Switch version has to deal with the limitations of the system. Most notably are the graphics look like they had to be downgraded compared to other versions. Also it’s going to take some time to get use to playing a shooter with the Switch controls. However these problems are just minor and can be overlooked.

Overall this is a simple shooter that anyone can get into and play for hours. Doom will take old school gamers back to the 90’s while showing a new generation what a shooter is suppose to feel like. Which makes it perfect for the Nintendo Switch.

Doom is the ideal game for those who want a simple shooter but have grown board with Super Mario Odyssey or just want to turn their brain off. It’s fast paced, simple and knows what kind of game it is.

Final Score: 9/10

Disclaimer: I bought this game at GameStop. 

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