The 2016 reboot of DOOM was an outstanding shooter (because that is how you make a good shooter). The game was successful that a true sequel is in the works and it plans to one-up its predecessor.

Bethesda unveiled the first trailer for DOOM Eternal during their showcase at E3 2018. Not much has been revealed but more information will be made available during QuakeCon 2018.

Many have speculated that the story and setting will take place on Earth and will be inspired by DOOM II. However some also speculated that the game will take place either in hell or in alternative universe. None of these theories have been confirmed nor denied by Bethesda.

DOOM was a reboot along with a continuation of the classic shooter and was universally praised by gamers along with critics. You could checkout our review of the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch version.

Note: 8Bit/Digi is not at E3 2018 but we are more then happy to report on all the trailers and big announcements.

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