By Stan Rezaee

Clustertruck is a a unique game that allows gamers to live their action film fantasy by combing the elements of a platform adventure with that of a speed runner then adding in 18 wheel chaos into the mix.

The goal of Clustertruck is simple, jump across a convoy of trucks to get to the finish line without touching the floor. However this convoy is driving erratically and mayhem does dominate the path to the finish line.

Before even having a chance to play it, the reasons one may be attracted to Clustertruck (besides the off-beat title) is the visual design. The games minimalism design is perfect for the kind of experience players are going to have. There is no need for details or having a sense of realism, just a simple world.

The gameplay is a basic platform title as players must jump from truck to truck while avoiding the floor. While that may seem simple, players to need to think fast and plan quick or they could miss their landing. Other times players must jump on to the right truck at the right time or get stranded in the level.

Players earn points by completing the stages while also earning rearwards for doing special tricks or performing the right moves. These points could be used to purchase special perks or skills to give them an edge (such as a jetpack).

It’s difficult to make a good first-person platform game and unfortunately Clustertruck falls victim to this trend.Every issue players experience in other first-person platform games could also be encountered here, but it just requires players sometime to overcome these handicaps.

Gamers who want a challenge and are really into speed running will take a liking to Clustertruck.

Another problem with the game is that there are several noticeable glitches that will hinder the playing experience. An Example to note were several moments when I had made it passed the goal post but the game kept going until I had hit the floor and failed.

Hopefully these glitches could be resolved with a patch.

Clustertruck is the kind of platform game one might enjoy if they want a unique challenge. In the end, there is a lot of fun when it comes to jumping from truck to truck in a minimalism environment.

Final Score: 7/10

Disclaimer: Evolve PR provided the game that was used for this review. 

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