Armed Assault is a franchise well known for being the game that hardcore military buffs play, so why would Bohemia Interactive make a real time strategy that dumbs down the experience just to appease the casual plebs?

The plot is simple,  NATO forces have been deployed when rebels have overthrown the Atida Government. Players must set up a base, raise an army then liberate the country from the rebels.

ARMA: Mobile Ops is a basic RTS game that requires players to build a base and raise an army. Like most mobile games, it has its fair use of freemuim content that will appeal to the lazy and casual player. The combat is simple as troops are deployed then they just attack the enemy based on the players command.

If you have played Star Wars: Commander or Call of Duty: Heroes then you have played ARMA: Mobile Ops. It has the same gamplay setup and the same player v. player feature. All this game does is tarnish the reputation of a series respected for its level of difficulty.

But on the bright side, ARMA: Mobile Ops and Star Wars: Commander both feel like StarCraft II when compared to Clash of Clans.

ARMA: Mobile Ops is less of a non-cameo entry and more of a bad experiment that sadly got the ARMA brand slapped on it at the last minute. It’s best played if a gamer has not played Star Wars: Commander.

Final Score: 5/10

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  1. I agree Henk as long as many players will play these games there can’t be enough games like this. I love them too and I must say this is one of the best at this genre!

  2. Hey BLM take your ghetto politics somewhere else nobody cares about a bunch of thugs getting shot by the police. Now to this game this game is awesome I don’t get why you guys are hating on it .

  3. WTF all those reaction here. How old are you and hows your life. I guess it sucks!!!

  4. The game is very cool. Easy loot and when you spend some money the ingame buys are very cheap instead of other games like this. Go!

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